Business Formation & Governance

Business Formation & Governance
Corporate governance is critical to any organization. Solid reputations built up over many years can dissolve overnight without the proper corporate structures in place. We assist our clients in creating crucial governance processes and internal controls necessary to comply with tougher corporate governance regulations being introduced to challenge creative accounting, poor internal controls, and ineffective non-executive directors.

When you are starting a business in Utah, you need your corporate documents to be accurate. Additionally, you will need to have a solid understanding of the personal, and tax implications of specific business structures so you can determine which one best meets your needs. Your business structure can play a big role in your tax liability, as well as your personal liability for company-incurred debts.

We know how important your business reputation is to your long-term success and growth; and we know that developing your reputations starts on day one. The more thought you put into your business structure from the beginning, the better; your credibility often starts with how your business is structured.

We will take the time to determine your goals for your business; this can ensure your corporate structure, and governing documents are focused on your long-term goals. We can also provide you with assistance in developing contracts for employees, key members of your management team, and vendors.

Whether you need help deciding what business structure is best for you, or you need help with the various documents that are required by the state, you can count on Brady Garrett Stuart, Attorney at Law. Contact our offices if you are planning on starting a business in Ogden, Salt Lake City, or Wasatch Front, Utah.